Large-scale genome-wide association study (GWAS) has become an important tool in human genomics, most of the focus is disease, but also concerned about the complexion adaptive mutation. Now, this method was found to be equally useful in plants. Atwell et al reported a GWA study made ??of more than 100 kinds of naturally occurring inbred Arabidopsis genotype. They get the results from the "significant association" (usually more difficult to interpret the discovery "has a single gene), which shows that the impact of complex genetic factors and population structure interaction.

Published another accompanied by Todesco et al paper shows this method detects the main impact the ability of the gene locus. Use of forward genetics and GWA analysis, they found, the Arabidopsis single one (ACD6) variation in plant growth and anti-infection ability of phenotypic variation. Significantly enhanced by allele one mediated resistance on this site, you can explain why it is persistent in natural populations around the world, although this will greatly reduce the generation of new leaves.