Fire people "- held each year in the United States, Nevada, a freewheeling famous art party - the participants are usually not notice the new genome sequence, but they may want to look in the October issue of the" genome Biology journal paper.

In the paper, the scientists reported that they have most of the genetic code of the the fibrous plant species cannabis (Cannabis sativa) were measured.

The research team selected sample is called Purple Kush cannabis varieties.

This genome researchers may be able to provide a new point of view - in the end what is the reason so popular potted plants in a number of folk festivals.

Zixing Kush and another popular hemp products - the production by hemp fiber Fei Nuola (Finola) varieties - compare, the research team found that a compound given the mass production of marijuana extreme pleasure quality - tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the precursor vital genes are turned off.

Turn, Purple Kush marijuana only produce a small amount, even without marijuana two phenolic acids - this is a similar compound found in the cannabis plant, perhaps because these molecules absorb the basic ingredients needed THC .

Even for marijuana, which is an unusual news.

Marijuana is the cheapest and most popular drug in the world today. The main active chemical ingredients for THC, THC after smoking or oral role of mental and physical activity. The human history of marijuana up to more than a thousand years, and a trend towards an increase in the use of the 20th century, in Drugs and religious aspects. Drug users, such as inhalation of large doses of cannabis hallucinations, delusions and paranoid state, accompanied by disordered thinking, self-awareness obstacles, double personality.