Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease scientific name is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (abbreviation: ALS), the symptoms of the upper and lower motor neuron degeneration and death and to stop sending messages to the muscles, progressive muscle weakness, atrophy, resulting in the final the brain completely lost the ability to control the muscles. The famous British physicist Stephen Hawking is suffering from that disease. Dementia places temporal lobe dementia (abbreviation: FTD), former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Muhammad Ali mused suffering from this disease. ALS and FTD clinical symptoms are very different, but there are some similarities in some people. In 2006, the researchers confirmed that these two disease stems from a mutant gene on chromosome 9, but could not determine specifically which gene mutations cause disease, so he started a race to find a specific gene.

Recently, a team led by a team led by the U.S. Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic), Dr. Rosa Rademakers and the National Institute on Aging Disease Institute (National Institute on Aging) Bryan Traynor independently derived from the same gene mutation found that more than two diseases the gene is C9ORF72. Rademakers said, this gene is very humble, the past its functions of doctors know nothing about, but it is a circle everyone long-awaited answers.

The above findings are published in the online edition of the September 21 "neurons" (Neuron). Some experts commented that this is a big step forward in the field, doctors finally found the culprit; Next, they will begin to answer what mutations cause ALS what mutations cause FTD, as well as the pathogenic mechanism of these two diseases problems.