Canada University of Ottawa Heart Institute researchers recently discovered a new gene, of a can affect heart development and the aging process and bring new hope for the treatment of cardiac aging and diseased.

University of Ottawa, a molecular biologist at Burr more (Patrick Burgon) led the research team from the fetal heart research began to understand the aging of the heart, the various changes that occur in the process of growth and failure found that the nuclei present in the muscle and brain cells in the gene may control other genes important for heart development associated. The researchers named this gene MLIP (Muscle enriched A-type Lamin Interacting Protein), believe that this gene mutation, and the degradation of muscular dystrophy and other heart diseases. The discovery is published in the June Journal of Biological Chemistry "(Journal of Biological Chemistry). Researchers by further understanding of MLIP gene function, to figure out how to lose heart function. The Berle more professor, said the discovery opened up a new road to understanding the various properties in the heart of the development process.