Gene can break down the toxins in the wine, the genes of the Chinese people and that thigene exists only in the Chinese people and Chinese people, the crowd, such as Korea, Japan and other East Asian populations, the middle - the Human Genetics Laboratory, Fudan University, Life University, Associate Professor Li group yesterday announced the interesting discovery.

According to reports, the formation of this historical story of the era with Dukang wine because this gene is consistent, so the experts dubbed the "Dukang gene.

"Dukang gene scientific name is a subfamily of the 7 of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene (ADH-1-B), and detoxification function of alcohol and related toxins, alcohol dehydrogenase, the main function of the human intake of alcohol is decomposed into the role of the body of another aldehyde dehydrogenase, acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde is further broken down into acetic acid, acetic acid is the substrate of a number of metabolic reactions in the human body needs, which completed the detoxification function of the human alcohol.

Why in Europe also have a lot of people drinking, but did not found that 7 of the alcohol dehydrogenase subfamily gene? In this regard, Li explained that, although all the wine, but the European wine is brewed from fruits, and East Asian populations, the wine is made from grain brewing, the existence of a relatively large difference. In addition, in Europe until the Middle Ages agriculture developed, for wine food rarely. Therefore, the choice of the gene in European populations of alcohol a short time, the effect will be negligible. This also explains the reason of many nomadic ethnic minorities do not exist in this gene.

Since the East Asian populations have a particularly strong decomposition of alcohol 7 of the alcohol dehydrogenase subfamily gene, then is not East Asia in the drinking can be arbitrary? In this regard, Li Hui, the answer is no. He said, 70 percent in East Asia in the human body 7 of the alcohol dehydrogenase subfamily gene, this gene only is alcohol broken down into acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde, or human toxic, many people drink blush is due to B aldehyde stimulus reason. To be completely acetaldehyde is decomposed into non-toxic acid, also need another aldehyde dehydrogenase, but the strange thing is that this enzyme in East Asian populations, 70% of people do not. So, even though many people will not happen alcoholism, acetaldehyde poisoning occur.

The study was only from one side to reveal to us the interesting story of human evolution. For their health, or should try to drink less.